Mea: Fuse – Digital Evidence You Can Trust

Secure, Blockchain Enabled Digital Evidence / Intelligence Ledger

Digital evidence and intelligence form the basis of a many criminal and civil investigations, creating a need to manage a range of material including hard drives, images, documents, videos & data streams.

With the advancement in digital technology comes an increased risk to the provenance and security of digital material, more opportunities for information to be compromised and its quality, accuracy and reliability open to challenge.

To address this Issured is proud to introduce Mea: Fuse, a blockchain and hash enabled immutable record that creates a “Digital Evidence Bag” for any of your digital evidence or intelligence.


  • Law Enforcement: Tamper proof, immutable, digital evidence & intelligence, sealed at the point of receipt.
  • Intelligence Research: Proof of immutability of on-screen evidence such as Social media, web sites or blogs.
  • Legal and Financial: Prevention of material alteration or misrepresentation.
  • Forensics: Proof of immutability of forensic digital media using a digital Ledger.


Secure cloud platform hosted.
Any media or file type and unlimited file size.
Secure Hash algorithm.
Evidence remains within client estate.
Blockchain immutability.



Increased Evidential/Intelligence Integrity through the use of Blockchain

Reduce the number of challenges on the integrity of digital information presented with proof that it is an immutable record that has not been edited from the original material seized or captured.

Highly Secure

Digital evidence remains with the investigating agency throughout whilst ensuring trust by design.

Increase Efficiency in the Creation of Immutable Records

Digital immutable records can be created from private desktop, captured screenshots and directly through web browser plug-in in seconds ensuring tamper proof evidence at the point of receipt.

Increased Transparency

All parties can be assured that vital digital evidence has been stored in a Distributed Ledger Environment outside of the control of any single party.

Cost Efficient

Avoids the need for paper evidence trails and expensive legal challenges around authenticity.

Enhanced Provenance

Provides a clear delineation from the point of immutability and the journey of the digital media.

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